Swimming is a safe, fun and very effective way for youngsters to get – and stay – fit for life. Being a competitive swimmer also builds self-discipline and self-confidence in children and builds friendships that last a lifetime!

Oswestry Otters Swimming Club gives a warm welcome to new members who are keen to become highly skilled swimmers and train for swimming competition. The ideal age to start swim training is between 7 and 9 to develop a sound base of technique and stamina - but very good swimmers up to 10 or 11 would be considered, together with swimmers of any age transferring from another competitive swimming club.

You will be invited to come along to an appropriate training session in our Beginners’ group.

This session is offered free of charge, for youngsters to have a go and show us what they can do. If the coaches are happy that the swimmer meets the criteria, he/she will be given further information about training sessions available to them.

If swimmers are a bit unsure about what is involved in a training session, they are welcome to just come along and watch a session - see the “Information” section for details - and decide whether they would like to be part of the world of competitive swimming.

Swimmers who are not quite up to the standard for entry to the club will be directed to other local swimming schemes in order to improve their skills, in the hope that we will see them at Otters in the future!

To get in touch, please use whatever method is most convenient on our “Contact Us” page.

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