Oswestry Otters Swimming Club gives a warm welcome new members who are keen to become highly skilled swimmers and train for swimming competition. The ideal age to start swim training is between 7 and 9 to develop a sound base of technique and stamina - but very good swimmers up to 10 or 11 would be considered, together with swimmers of any age transferring from another competitive swimming club. As a minimum, new swimmers will be expected to comfortably complete at least 100 metres in front crawl, 50 metres in backstroke and breaststroke, to demonstrate basic butterfly technique, and show a willingness to learn and take part in competition.

Swimmers will progress through the training groups according to their individual abilities and aptitudes, growth and physical development. No two swimmers are alike and any two swimmers joining the club at the same time will progress at different rates. As a Swim21 Club we aim to individualise progression as far as possible, in line with the principles of the Long Term Athlete Development Plan endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association and Sport England

The club takes part in various leagues and open competitions throughout the year and swimmers of a sufficiently high standard also participate in the Amateur Swimming Association’s county, regional and national events. As a result of their training all of our members regularly excel in their school swimming competitions.

To get started, contact

You will be invited to come along to an appropriate training session in our Beginners’ group. This session is offered free of charge, for youngsters to have a go and show us what they can do. If the coaches are happy that the swimmer meets the criteria, he/she will be given further information about training sessions available to them. If swimmers are a bit unsure about what is involved in a training session, they are welcome to just come along and watch a session and decide whether they would like to be part of the world of competitive swimming. Swimmers who are not quite up to the standard for entry to the club will be directed to other local swimming schemes in order to improve their skills, in the hope that we will see them at Otters in the future!

Beginners will be encouraged to start with a minimum of two sessions per week because this will ensure optimum improvement. For the first week or two swimmers will just need to wear a swimming hat and goggles and bring a plastic bottle of water or squash to their sessions. Once they are settled in swimmers will be required to purchase Club kit and other essential equipment .

To get in touch, please use whatever method is most convenient on our “Contact Us” page.


When Can Swimmers Start Taking Part in Competition?

Youngsters will be able to start competing in English-based competitions from the age of 9. In Welsh ASA competitions swimmers can take part from the age of 8. There will also be an opportunity for swimmers of all ages to take part in the annual Closed Club Gala, where there is a wide range of trophies and awards up for grabs.

Swims are also timed on a regular basis during training to allow coaches to check how youngsters are progressing and to practise and improve their competitive skills.

There will be a small charge for annual ASA membership depending upon which level of membership swimmers are eligible for. This membership is the passport to competitive swimming in the UK and swimmers will not be able to enter competitions without it. Speaking of competition, competition entry fees vary from around £4 to £10 per event depending upon the level of competition and there may also be travel and accommodation costs involved.

New members will need to complete a membership form and let the club have details of any illnesses, allergies, medications and disabilities. All of this information will be kept confidential and only given out to coaches on a ‘need to know’ basis, in accordance with Data Protection and Safeguarding Children guidelines.